About Us

Dennisport Lobster Co. was founded one year ago by Mark and Sean Leach, two commercial lobstermen who were interested in marketing their outer cape lobsters to the people of the lower cape. The father and son team have fished together since 1995, when Sean was just seven years old. Mark has been a full time commercial fisherman since 1975, lobstering with off shore lobster boats out of Wychmere harbor in Harwichport. During his thirty-five year career, Mark also was an active hook fishermen catching cod and haddock on George’s Bank and Nantucket Shoals. The lobsters sold at Dennisport Lobster Co. are caught off the lobster boat, the “Sea Holly II”, which is currently captained by son, Sean Leach. Mark is in the process of building a new boat the “Sea Holly III”, due to be launched in June of this year.

The mission of Dennisport Lobster Co. is to provide the freshest seafood to the people of Cape Cod, at a reasonable price, by the friendliest staff. While we feature the famous “Outer Cape hard shell lobsters”, we also have a full line of shellfish, which include; Wayne Hayes’ Barnstable Harbor Oysters, Littlenecks and succulent Steamers. Dennisport Lobster Co. also prides itself on acquiring super fresh local cod, haddock, sole, tuna, swordfish, and many other local fish. We also provide a complete line of pre-made seafood side dishes, which include; stuffed quahogs, stuffed scallops, crab and shrimp cakes, fresh cooked shrimp cocktail, freshly cooked lobster meat and much more.