Fresh, Local, Quality

Dennisport Lobster Co. provides the freshest quality seafood to the people of Cape Cod and beyond. While we feature the famous “Outer Cape hard shell lobsters”, we also have a full line of shellfish, which include: Barnstable Harbor Oysters, crab, littlenecks, and succulent steamers, mussels, razor clams, cherry stones, conch, and scallops. Our live shellfish feature lobster, crab and shrimp, as well as live fish including Tautog, codfish, and black seabass.

Dennisport Lobster Co. also prides itself on acquiring super fresh cod, haddock, sole, tuna, swordfish, striped bass, salmon, and many other local fish. Our seafood comes from local fisherman, and in addition to serving our local clientele on Cape Cod, we ship to Boston, New York, and China, ensuring that our products arrive in the freshest condition possible.